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“Meditation was new for me. As a result of this Practical Meditation course I’m experiencing a stronger sense of well being, security and a deeper connection to spirit. I enjoy meditating so much now I’m doing it most every day. "


Rhonda Sparks, Owner of

Rhonda Sparks

A personal note from Greg de Vries... 

Recognized around the world as “The Meditation Coach,” I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that absolutely everyone benefits tremendously from the practice of regular meditation.

I also understand that many people aren’t comfortable with much of the mystical ceremonies, religious rituals, esoteric terminology and exotic “pomp and circumstance” that surround meditation, as we have come to know it!

That’s why I’ve taken my nearly 20 years of expertise, successfully teaching meditation to literally thousands of men and women just like you, to design and develop this extremely easy to use, simple step-by-step system of basic, bare bones meditation that can be learned in the privacy of your own home!

Here is just a small sample of the amazing content you will have acess to in the Practical Meditation Home Study Course online meditation class (module titles and content subject to change):

Module 1 - Introduction to Meditation
Moduel 2 -
The Effects of Stress on the Body
Module 3 - The Biology of Meditation
Module 4 -
Health Effects of Meditation on the Body
Module 5 - The Yoga Sutras and the writing of Patanjali
Module 6 - Effective Meditation (Mantras, Mudras and Meditation Postures)
Module 7 - Introduction to Mindfulness
Module 8 - Using Mindfulness Triggers
Module 9 - T
he Power of Presence
Module 10 - Mindfulness in Motion
Module 11 - Eating Meditation
Moduel 12 - 
Walking Meditation
Module 13 - Energy meditation, working with the Chakras
Advance Section - Exploring consciousness with Meditation

“If meditation is supposed to help make you feel calm, at ease and relaxed, then what’s the point of having to drive a long distance, through congested traffic, to go sit on some stiff metal chair in a stuffy room, crowded with a bunch of total strangers?”



Patty Purpur, Author & Public Speaker

Patty Purpur








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The Practical Meditation course by Greg gave me the keys to live from my 'Spiritual Essence’ and be easy on myself in the process. Every day I am feeling more of the love, joy and peace I was always looking for. I can’t say enough about this course.”


Matt Phipps, CEO Blendz

Matt Phipps

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I can’t believe how much more energy I have now that I’ve finally decided to set my apprehensions aside and try meditating with your “Practical Meditation” system! My mind is so much clearer and I sleep much deeper and sounder and get along with my co-workers and family better than ever! Thanks!


Lisa Orrell, Business Owner and Author

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